Cold Drawn Wire

Over 40 years ago, Fayette Wire began as a steel wire drawing facility utilizing hot rolled rod to produce a wide range of various size sections including rounds, flats, hexagons, squares, and other special shapes in both coil and straight lengths for consumer and industrial applications. Today, Fayette manufactures various grades of nonferrous and ferrous grades of alloy, low carbon and high carbon wire in rounds and special shapes. Our versatile wire can be used in a variety of end use products including POP displays, tie wire, cages… just to name a few.

Looking for less than mill quantities? Just call Fayette Wire and speak to one of our friendly associates. Included  in our extensive rod inventory are grades for bright basic, industrial quality, cold finished, cold heading, extruding, black annealed, galvanized, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire and copper wire.

All of our products are manufactured in the United States of America and therefore, conform to the Buy American Act and the Buy America restrictions of the Federal Transit Administration and the Federal Highway Administration. Please feel free to contact our office for additional details.

These are the benefits of Cold Drawn Steel Wire

  • More accurate dimensional size tolerances.
  • Increased Mechanical Properties, higher yield strengths, tensile strength and hardness.
  • Improved Surface Finish, reduces surface machining and improves quality.
  • Allows for higher machining feed rates.
  • Superior Formability, responds better to spheroidization
  • Maximizes machinability, thereby reducing yield loss.
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